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Have you ever wished you knew what someone was thinking?

Trust me, you really don’t.

Everyone else’s thoughts invading your mind, whether you want them to or not? 

It’d drive you crazy.

Or at least make you seem crazy to ‘normal’ people.

Until you found a way of shutting them out.

That’s what I did, that’s how I survived.

Abandoned as a baby.

Growing up in care as that ‘weird kid’.

Bounced around from one foster family to another.

Never fitting in, always different, the odd one out.

That was me.

Until it wasn’t.

Until Ethan came for me.


Claudia had no idea. Not a clue.

She was just a young girl.

Difficult, feisty and independent.

A loner, but a survivor.

And an incredibly gifted Empath. As am I.

Turns out we’re a match, apparently.

That’s why I was sent to retrieve her, bring her into line and utilize her talents for the greater good.

World peace and all that.

That’s what the British government expected from me.

Neither of us went looking for this unique connection.

But it came looking for us.

Forced itself on us and then refused to disconnect.


Now it’s more than just duty binding me to her.

Yet I still put duty first.

And risk losing everything.

A paranormal romance set in the murky world of international espionage

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